Which is my favorite historical age. Blood, lust, darkness and beautiful gowns, that is why. Oh, and pandemics that killed aproximately two thirds of the world population. Sounds almost post apocalyptic, doesn't it?
Ok then, a couple weeks ago this Medieval Festival took place here in Buenos Aires. There was archery, food, music, lots of beautiful jewelry. Even sword and melee fights. I had a terrific time. However: I didn't get to see what I wanted the most, the fights, because nobody freaking new where or when any activity would take place. As a result, we were patiently waiting for the event to start when it was actually taking place right around the corner. The logistics weren't very good, but I'm totally coming back next year anyway. 

2 blah blah blahes:

  1. Podés hacer un tutorial de ese peinado? Gracias!

  2. Lo prometido es deuda, Cersei, Daenerys y otros


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