As you all may have noticed, eating out in Buenos Aires has become quite a challenge lately. Either the food is pricey or just plain bad. Both most of the time.
Fortunately, the rad Salomé told me about Nolita and we went there to have a late lunch. The salads are awesome, the lemonade is very good and the atmosphere is nice. Mind you, it's a small place so you might not find a table easily. But don't worry, everything is available to go (besides, it's $10 cheaper). 
I had this awesome Brie cheese and mushrooms salad and some water to drink. Believe it or not, it was $70. I will definitely come back.


Ultimamente salir a comer en Buenos Aires es una proeza, todo está carísimo o es de mala calidad. O ambos. Por suerte la genia de Salomé me dijo de ir a Nolita, un lugarcito a dos cuadras del Barrio Chino. Las ensaladas son geniales, la limonada está bien y el lugar es re lindo. El problema es que es muy chiquito, y a veces te podés quedar sin mesa. Pero tienen todo el menú también para llevar, encima sale $10 menos.
Yo pedí esta ensalada de queso Brie y champignones, como dicen los padres "estaba ESPECTACULAR". Más un agua...$70! Obviamente que volveré.

[Nolita Bakery, Roosevelt 1806, Belgrano.]


This post is long overdue. Well, never too late to say thanks, right? So, my pals slash colleagues Agustina & Kevin went to World Fucking Disney World and got me all these. You can never have too much Hello Kitty, nor lip balm. Or cool scented hand sanitizer, for that matter. Thank you guys, Les Mills power 4evah.


Hace un montón que tenía que hacer este post. Mis amiguillos y colegas Agus y Kevin se fueron a Disney (los malditos!) y me trajeron todo estoooo! Nunca se puede tener demasiado Hello Kitty. O Baby Lips. O Chapstick. O alcohol en gel con olorcito rico. Gracias chicos, Les Mills power!



You can call me nostalgic, even conservative-wait, don't ever call me conservative. The thing is, WHATEVER HAPPENED to good hip-hop music? What is it with these white girls trying to act like black hoes, not rapping but merely "talking" over almost no beats? This whole Iggy Azalea thing is destroying hip-hop. Ok, it's not the 1990s anymore (oh, crap), but there has to be another way. I'm tired of all the racism and misogyny, of Miley Cyrus "acting like she black" and sticking out her tongue like there's no tomorrow. I mean, women are much more than twerking beings.
In case you agree, you can find above some examples of what really hip-hop is about IMO.
Peace and out.
PS: yes, I'm really East Coast biased. Sorry.

Estoy un poco indignada con la deformación que ha sufrido la escena del hip-hop en estos últimos dos, tres años. Soy bastante nostálgica, no me considero conservadora de todas maneras. Ciertamente creo que Iggy Azalea le está haciendo pésimo al género, y ahora tenemos a Miley Cyrus vestida de meretriz basquetbolística HABLANDO sobre unos beats que no tienen ni ritmo. A su vez el asunto está tomando un color medio feo, racista y misógino. Pareciera que las mujeres solamente sirven para mostrar un trasero epiléptico-ah no! se llama twerking.
Si alguien me sigue con este pensamiento, arriba dejo algunos ejemplos de lo que para mí es hip-hop del bueno.
PD: sí, mucho de la Costa Este. No me pude resistir.



Been ages since I last showed my face here. Even though it's October it's really cold outside, raining like there's no tomorrow. So, blogging time.
Since one of my mottos is "buy little, spend wise" I thought it'd be a good exercise to gather everything I bought in the last 5, 6 months and ponder whether those were good buys or not. Let's see what I got.
Hello Kitty nail polish remover pads ($5, China Town): I strongly recommend these pads, the strawberry scent is wonderful and the oily substance they leave behind seems to be certainly better for your nails than acetone.
As for the Farmacity Haul, Studio 9 Eyelash curler ($25), Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer ($99) and Sally Hansen in Teal Tulle nail polish ($95). Great and cheap eyelash curler, an awesome concealer which also works great as a primer, and the nail polish of the year IMO. Did I really need yet another nail polish? Certainly not, but look at this beauty.
Every girl needs a make up mirror, I got this one in China Town for $67. Isn't it the cutest thing? 
You might have heard of this place before, Walrus Books is the best place in Buenos Aires to get used books in English. My dad recommended me "The Prague Cemetery" ages ago, I got my copy for $40. Haven't had the chance to start it yet.
I fell in love instantly with the panda backpack, it screams KAWAII. Maybe you can still find it at Todo Moda, it was $250 if I remember correctly.
Lastly, the grunge section. Gotta love the Bond Street Gallery, you can get awesome sweat shirts there. Mine was $150, it's so warm and perfect for the cold. And the plaid scarf to go with it! 2x$150 at Casiopea. Also got my beloved Complot creepers there, they were having this vintage sale and they were just $100! They have these garage sales from time to time, so be sure to follow Carmen for more details.
All in all, I believe these were sensible buys.


Puf, hace mil que no escribo nada. No quiero perder el hábito. Y justamente hoy el día daba para escribir algo, llueve como nunca y hace un frío de la ostia. 
Hace rato que quería hacer un racconto de las cosas que compré en estos últimos 6 meses, es un buen ejercicio para ver si compraste por comprar o si realmente fueron compras sensatas. Veamos.
Toallitas quitaesmalte del Barrio Chino, $5 y son las mejores del condado. Olorcito a frutilla, con un aceite que algo de bien creo que le hace a la uña (por lo menos parece mejor que la acetona). El primer curler que compro en mi vida es de la marca de Farmacity, Studio 9, y me salió $25. El Match Perfection de Maybelline es mi producto preferido del universo, cubre excelente y es un gran primer ($99, la segunda vez que lo compro). El esmalte de Sally Hansen es la locura, sale $99 pero nunca había visto algo así. Es el único esmalte que he comprado en lo que va del año.
Conseguí un espejo de maquillaje en el Barrio Chino, $67 y aunque unlicensed está re bien hecho. Luego pasé por Walrus books y compré "The Prague Cemetery", $40 usado.
Mochila Panda, Todo Moda, $250 aproximadamente. LA AMO. Punto. 
En la Bond conseguí finalmente un buzo de Nirvana, super abrigadito y encima baratillo: $150. La bufanda es de una promo de Casiopea, dos por $150 (la otra se la regalé a mi padre).
Por último los creepers usados Complot de la feria de Casiopea, $100! Locura.
Bastante moderadas mis adquisiciones, no?



[Source: A.Y. NOT DEAD Facebook.]

Ain't it funny that my current obsession with all things Japanese is reflected in AY NOT DEAD's latest collection? However, these two items are bound to be ridiculously expensive and I don't buy overpriced clothing.
I smell a DIY...
No creo mucho en las casualidades, pero es una verdadera coincidencia que justo que vengo tan obsesionada con Japón AY NOT DEAD saque estas camperas. De todas maneras van a estar carísimas, y no contribuyo a la demanda de ropa con precios inflados.
Se viene un DIY...



Ok, just finished watching the WHOLE Sailor Moon series. All 200 episodes. At least the ones previous to Sailor Moon Crystal, which is currently on air and I haven't watched yet.
Be warned first: this entry will be full of spoilers. That being said, let's begin.
The first season is just called Sailor Moon. The first thing you notice about this show is that all the guys look like girls, except for Sailor Moon's boyfriend (Tuxedo Mask). The enemies here are 4 guys lead by an evil queen.  Two of these meanies, Zoisite and Kunzeite, are obviously gay and seem to be in a relationship. So far so good.
Then there comes Sailor Moon R, which is fairly similar to Sailor Moon but without the queer guys.
Sailor Moon S comes next, and this is my favorite part of the saga because enter: Haruka and Michiru. Haruka is a girl who wears masculine clothing and is in a relationship with Michiru (they're the cutest couple ever ♥). Moreover, all Sailor Scouts are sort of infatuated with Haruka even after finding out that she's a female.
Sailor Moon SuperS might be the gayer part so far. This time the enemies are what initially appears to be two guys and a girl, called FishEye. But later on you find out that FishEye is in fact a cross dresser. And just inn case it wasn't clear, in one episode FishEye appears bare chested while wearing female clothing. God, this is getting complicated. 
Oh, I was almost forgetting that Chibi-usa falls in love with a Pegasus, that is to say, the gayest animal of them all. Later on Pegasus transforms into a boy, but that's another story.
Last but not least, the gayest of them all: Sailor Stars. The last part of the series revolves around a pop group, Three Lights. The members of the band are three AIR QUOTE very masculine AIR QUOTE boys with endless pony tails and disturbingly long lashes. At least this is their earthly identity, because the Three Lights are actually the Sailor Stars. As you can see the Sailor Stars are girls, girls who wear rather BDSMish outfits. Apparently, when Three Lights transform into Sailor Stars, they become women. With boobs and all. So there you are, all kinds of gayness.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that in Japan topics such as same-sex couples are addressed so nonchalantly, even in cartoons that little children watch. Looks like the Japanese are much more progressive than Americans, at least in this department. Did you know that the American version of Sailor Moon S is extensively censored, and Haruka and Michiru are portrayed as cousins? Hilarious.
Anyways, there's so much gayness in Sailor Moon that sometimes it's hard to keep up. For example, when the Sailor Stars appeared I had to google what the hell they were because I wasn't getting it on my own.
Sailor Moon is an all-time favorite anime, and the fact that it deals with LGBT stuff like it's not a big issue is just uber cool. Sailor Moon is the cutest, weirdest, funniest anime ever. I'm so happy that there's a new season, after all these years!
Jeez, I guess I'm a moonie after all.

Bien. Acabo de terminar de ver TODOS los 200 capítulos de Sailor Moon previos a Sailor Moon Crystal, que todavía no pude empezar. Les advierto que este post, que describe la pansexualidad de la serie, tiene algunos spoilers. Empecemos entonces.
La primera temporada se llama simplemente Sailor Moon. Lo primero que uno nota en esta serie es que todos los hombres parecen mujeres, excepto el novio de Sailor Moon (Tuxedo Mask). Los enemigos son 4 chabones a las órdenes de la maligna Queen Behryl. Dos de éstos, Zoisite y  Kunzeite, son claramente homosexuales y parecen estar juntos. Hasta acá viene simple la cosa.
Luego viene Sailor Moon R, una temporada bastante parecida a la anterior pero sin mucha homosexualidad.
Luego viene Sailor Moon S, mi temporada favorita porque aparecen Haruka y Michiru. Haruka es una chica que usa ropa de hombre y sale con otra chica llamada Michiru. Odio la palabra "tierna", pero es la pareja más tierna del mundo animado ♥. Además de todo esto, todas las Sailor Scouts están embobadas con Haruka inclusive a sabiendas de que es una chica.
Sigue Sailor Moon SuperS, hasta ahora la más maricona de toda la saga. Inicialmente los enemigos parecen dos chabones y una minita, FishEye. Pero más adelante se descubre que es realmente un chico homosexual que se viste de mujer. Esto queda muy claro en un capítulo donde FishEye se arranca la ropa de la cintura para arriba. Chan, se va poniendo más complejo el asunto.
Ah, me estaba olvidando de que Chibiusa se enamora de un Pegaso, el más gay de los caballos. Que después se transforma en un nene. Un nene no demasiado masculino.
Por último, Sailor Moon Super Stars viene a rizar el rizo. La acción se desarrolla alrededor de un grupo pop, Three Lights., formado por tres pibes muy COMILLAS masculinos COMILLAS. Tienen un pelo larguísimo y pestañas interminables. Pero en realidad Three Lights son Sailor Stars, algo así como tres Sailor Scouts mujeres con un atuendo medio sadomasoquista. O sea, cuando se transforman en Sailor Stars se convierten en mujeres con boobies y todo. Como ven, el abanico completo de sexualidades.
Me encantó descubrir que en Japón muestran estas temáticas a los niños con la mayor de las naturalidades. Los japoneses son mucho más progresistas en este aspecto, ya que en EEUU (y en Argentina también, ya que aquí se transmitió la versión americana) Sailor Moon está totalmente censurada. Con decirte que Haruka y Michiru son PRIMAS...
A su vez, hay tanta variedad de sexualidades en esta serie que a veces es difícil seguir el hilo. Por ejemplo, cuando aparecieron las Sailor Stars tuve que googlear qué onda porque no entendía qué eran.
Sailor Moon es mi anime favorito, y el hecho de que lidie con cuestiones LGBT como si no fuera la gran cosa me parece genial. Es la serie más bonita, freaky y graciosa de todas. Me alegro tanto de que haya una temporada nueva, después de todos estos años!
Chan, creo que soy moonie.



Lately there's been a lot of buzz around the "The Maze Runner" series, so I went online and found out that there's a prequel in addition to the original three books. I'm a sucker for post apocalyptic and dystopic stories, and this one is OK. There's a lot going on, but you just can't believe the characters misfortune. Dashner got me hooked.
And, what can I say about Mr. John Steinbeck that you haven't heard before? I got this 1960's beautiful edition of both "Of Mice and Men" and "Cannery Row" for about two bucks. It was buried under a zillion catechism books in a garage sale, such a lucky find. 
I'm sure everybody knows what "Of Mice..." is about, maybe you even saw the movie with John Malkovich. But "Cannery Row" is even better, a short novel full of colorful, lovely and despicable characters. If you also have the chance, please get "The Grapes of Wrath" and cry a river.

Todo el mundo está hablando de "The Maze Runner" últimamente, así que me dio curiosidad y bajé los tres libros más la precuela. Me gustan mucho las historias distópicas y postapocalípticas, y esta está bastante bien. Me enganché, y voy a seguir con los otros tres libros.
Y, qué puedo decir de John Steinbeck que uds no sepan? Conseguí esta edición de 1960 por $20 en una feria, abajo de una pila de libros de catecismo. Suertuda.
Creo que todo el mundo debe saber de qué se trata "Of Mice...", inclusive hay una película con John Malkovich. Pero "Cannery Row" me gustó todavía más, una novela cortita llena de personajes coloridos, adorables unos, despreciables otros. Si pueden, consigan también "Las Uvas de la Ira" y llórense todo.



The first one instantly reminded me of my prom dress.
The second one is my current cell phone lock screen...or at least used to be till last Saturday, when it got stolen by a couple assh*les. Some guy just came from behind,  snatched it, jumped on a motorbike and ran away. At least I walked away from there safe and sound.
Since I have to buy another one, I'm actually broke and can't spend a single cent on clothing.

El primero me hizo acordar enseguida a mi vestido de egreso del colegio.
El segundo es mi fondo de pantalla en el teléfono...o al menos lo era, porque el sábado me robaron y tengo que comprar otro. Un malnacido vino corriendo desde atrás, me lo sacó de las manos y se subió a una moto que manejaba otro. Al menos no me hicieron nada.
Y bueno, me tengo que comprar otro. No hay plata para ropa.