Jerry Seinfeld, over the years, has dropped coy hints that there is a possibility that the Seinfeld cast may reunite for a one off movie or reunion special. This needs to happen. The final episode of "Seinfeld"-- what many would agree is a landmark series in the history of television-- is, in a word, terrible. That final hour-long episode casts a stench so foul the aroma of failure can still be smelled ten years later. This needs to be corrected.

"Seinfeld" was the "show about nothing." But really, was it? Not really. It was usually about something, albeit usually not much of something though; considering one episode focused on the death of the fiancé of a main character, sometimes it could be a show very much about something. The problem with the final episode: it was about everything!

The final episode of any long running series should be the proverbial exclamation point. Take what the series has always done successfully, do it one last time only better since the character arcs are all coming to an end. The aforementioned "M*A*S*H*" and "Cheers" both had outstanding final episodes. ""Seinfeld" went away from their basic formula and, instead, paraded a herd of every guest star that ever appeared on the series through a convoluted trial accusing the main characters of "doing nothing." Instead of having the main characters actually doing nothing-- or, as pointed out earlier, at least, very little-- they were just accused of doing nothing while a dog and pony show went on behind them.

Certain franchises have been "rebooted." Take Batman for example: when "Batman Begins" was released in 2005 it just pretended the other films never existed. Next year, "Star Trek" is rebooting with an entire new cast playing the roles of the original characters. Mr. Seinfeld (and Mr. Larry David, because you did come back to help write that infamous final episode), nothing this drastic needs to be implemented with your fine series... just the final episode! Just pretend the final episode never happened. In fact, a lot of "Seinfeld" fans already have! The mild teasers at the prospect of a reunion need to end. It is time for action. It is time to right the one blemish (perhaps two if you count the two-part episode that took place in Los Angeles) on this series' great history! Film a reunion. Please make the thought of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer sitting in a jail cell disappear forever. A series this good, and this important should have, no-- deserves, a better ending.
Lo que yo creo: que el final fue medio deprimente, pero juntar a toda esta gente 10 años después no va a arreglar las cosas. Es como el desastre que hicieron con los X-Files. Y esto es curioso: nuestro querido "Soup Nazi"...
...fue inspirado en un verdadero dueño de un negocio de sopas, en Manhattan.
Nunca le gustó la serie, pero se hizo famoso a raíz de ella y abrió una cadena de restaurants. Ah, los '90....

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  1. Hola!!
    nunca supe que existiera realmente el negocio de la sopa en Manhattan!! cuando fui al bar donde filmaron la serie pregunte y nu supieron decirme si era real!!!
    genial tu entrada! viste a Jerry en la publicidad del WVista??


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