A Sean Penn sólo le falta hacer de perro, y ya cubrió todos los rubros...

After Harvey Milk became the first openly gay man elected to any substantial political office in the history of the planet, thousands of astounded people wrote to him. "I thank God," wrote a 68-year-old lesbian, "I have lived long enough to see my kind emerge from the shadows and join the human race." Sputtered another writer: "Maybe, just maybe, some of the more hostile in the district may take some potshots at you — we hope!!!" There was a time when it was impossible for people — straight or gay — even to imagine a Harvey Milk. The funny thing about Milk is that he didn't seem to care that he lived in such a time. After he defied the governing class of San Francisco in 1977 to become a member of its board of supervisors, many people — straight and gay — had to adjust to a new reality he embodied: that a gay person could live an honest life and succeed. That laborious adjustment plods on — now forward, now backward — though with every gay character to emerge on TV and with every presidential speech to a gay group, its eventual outcome favoring equality seems clear. When he began public life, though, Milk was a preposterous figure — an "avowed homosexual," in the embarrassed language of the time, who was running for office. In the 1970s, many psychiatrists still called homosexuality a mental illness. In one entirely routine case, the Supreme Court refused in 1978 to overturn the prison sentence of a man convicted solely of having sex with another consenting man. A year before, it had let stand the firing of a stellar Tacoma, Wash., teacher who made the mistake of telling the truth when his principal asked if he was homosexual. No real national gay organization existed, and Vice President Walter Mondale haughtily left a 1977 speech after someone asked him when the Carter Administration would speak in favor of gay equality. To be young and realize you were gay in the 1970s was to await an adulthood encumbered with dim career prospects, fake wedding rings and darkened bar windows. [Source.]

El verdadero Milk.

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  1. leandro niceforo? uh ? de politica y de historia no me hablen. Jaja

  2. Amo a Sean Penn, y qiero ver Milk!
    Besote Agost!

  3. New Arrivals! Otoño 2009!


    Envíos a toda Argentina!

  4. Hola Agos!!! volvi!!! como estas?? hay todavia la peli no la vi, pero tiene tan buenas criticas, ademas este señor trabaja super bien!


  5. Sí yo creo que es uno de los mejores actores del momento,quizás el mejor.

  6. No sabes como me ha gustado esa pelicula!!
    ha sido simplemente genial !!!!!!
    Y bueno lo unico que no me gusta de Sean son sus ideologias políticas, pero nadie es perfecto no ?

  7. Buenas .. Pasaba a saludar.
    Sean la rompe, es un capo el tipo.
    Besos =)

  8. Últimamente casi todo gira alrededor de esas notas de la facu. Igual voy a rendir y voy a ir a mi ciudad unos días, y me fijaré online si aprobé o no. Estoy muy nerviosa :B

  9. Sigo pensando que el verdadero Harvey Milk si que se merecía todos los premios habidos y por haber, pero vi injusto lo de Sean Penn teniendo Mickey Rourke el papelón que tenía...

    jajaja sí, en la próxima lo veremos de perro!!!

  10. Uhh, al ví el otro día. Excelente su acutaicón.


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