Born in 1979 in Budapest, András Genser's label came to life after a chance encounter with Harry Choo Choo Romero. "...(which) led to me becoming one of the resident DJs for Pacha Budapest, after I handed the promoter there one of my mixes and he liked what he heard. Although it wasn't signigicant enough to enable me to quit my full-time job, it was here that I met shootie from the Monkz project. It was him who helped me out with knowlege about music software. From time to time I came up with some nice ideas and drafts which he drew inspiration from, so we collaborated together. As we spent more and more time in the studio, we felt it was essential to name our project. We wanted a catchy name, something people meet everyday. The name we adopted comes from online record stores - everytime you want to buy a record, to do so you have to add it to basket. That was it. With practise, our productions improved, started to get DJs' support and also labels wanted to sign some of them. As I started to produce on my own more frequently, I established a digital label called Add2Basket Records which already has over 2000 downloads. The emergence of Myspace led to me making good friends, like Parham, Tom Morgan, Sultan, Chipo, Memo, Martin Lamelas, Sean Miller, Ricky Ryan, Paolo Mojo and many more, all of who are amazing people. "


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