Continuación de otra entrada que me costó un Santiago de Chile volver a encontrar.
Born in 1953, in Ohio; died of heart failure, March 4, 2004, in New York, NY. Fashion designer. Twenty years after Stephen Sprouse's debut as a fashion designer on New York runways, street culture was regularly invoked as an inspiration at the most luxe of design ateliers. Yet back in 1983, when Sprouse's spray-paint-derived Day-Glo colors took their cue from the subway graffiti that once plagued the New York underground, his vision was light-years ahead. The exuberant designer was a fixture in the New York spheres of music and art as well as fashion, and was a longtime contributor to Interview, the magazine founded by his friend and role model, Andy Warhol. Interview eulogized Sprouse as "a perfect embodiment of the cultural renaissance of the times, when the barriers separating high and low, uptown and downtown, and fashion and art—once as solid and redoubtable as the Berlin Wall—came crashing down and everything from painting to politics came together."

Sprouse failed to find a good set of business mentors, and struggled for the remainder of his career. After failing to present a collection in 1986, he ventured into retail in 1987, but the New York and Los Angeles venues were shuttered a year later. "It happened so fast. I was in my own little vacuum. I trusted everyone, and then a wall went up," his obituary by WWD writer Lisa Lockwood quoted him as saying. The 1990s were marked by a series of struggles and small successes: he did a line in 1992 exclusively for haute-New York retailer Bergdorf Goodman, and another in 1995 for Barneys New York. He presented a collection at the 1997 New York Fashion Week, and scored a hit in 2000 with the signature graffiti-print limited edition handbag line for Louis Vuitton, a company whose creative director, Marc Jacobs, was an old pal from the punk-rock era. Sprouse's last venture was a special line for Target in 2002 with his exuberant signature graffiti print.

Sprouse had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and was hospitalized not long after he returned from a trip to South America in early 2004. He died of heart failure at the age of 50 on March 4, 2004, in New York City. He is survived by his mother, brother, niece, and three nephews.

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  1. Hola!
    la verdad es q no me había fijado en el largo de las mangas de J. Shorz... y el de M. Kerr no lo he visto de lado así que.. xD
    Me parecen muy originales esos prints pero yo creo q no los llevaría.

  2. Me gustan los prints fluor, le dan un toque más "macarrilla" a todo lo clasicón que es LV. Los vi en el escaparate de LV de Barcelona y son muy guapos.


  3. qué interesante! aunque debo de leerle mejor jaja, pero los diseños se ven muy buenos..a mí es que me encanta conocer más sobre esos diseñadores que hacen la diferencia y aportan de verdad :D

  4. Que tengas lindo día nena :)

  5. Que tengas lindo día nena :)

  6. me parece barbaro que se refresque un poco la imagen de LV porque estaba un poco cansadora ya, de a poco perdio la clase que tenía, en mi opinión. Es como un clásico que se renueva. Nice.

  7. OMFG que lindo todo eso.
    agooos, necesito un graan favor...
    Serias tan amable como para decirme como hiciste que quedase un corazoncito en la pestaña del explorador?
    Beso, que estes regia.


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