Subidos directamente a YouTube, Blogger tarda mil años.Faltan un par todavía, filmé un montón.

From DM's blog:

Our last gig of the Latin American tour. I had been waiting anxiously to get to Buenos Aires. Well, I should point out that many of our Latin American stops were foreign and new to a number of people on the tour - including myself. San Diego is about as far south of Los Angeles (my hometown) as I've been. Making Mexico a Spring Break destination when in college was never a big interest of mine. I'm glad that I waited patiently because my experiences in Mexico with Depeche Mode - as well as Central and South America - have made for some incredibly fond memories.

With that said, however, Buenos Aires was a home away from home. I felt familiar with the city despite never having been. And the crowd at Club Ciudad? 32,000 devotees showed us some real Latin love - no better way to end another successful leg.

Check out the photos and live vicariously...

See you in Europe!

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  2. super! como andas nena? no tengo noticias tuyas hace mucho eh, yo bien (bien ahogada en libros y apuntes) pero bien, soy muy nerd y lo disfruto jaja un beso!

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